T Mark Hall Library


Library in boxes
T Mark Hall left his go-related personal possessions ("The T Mark Hall Library") to the British Go Association (http://www.britgo.org).

The Library is currently being stored by Barry Chandler in Wales.

It consists of approximately 80 framed Oriental prints, mostly Japanese and Go-related (please see photos below, together with a range of books and magazines​.

It is currently stored in 21 boxes, labelled TM1 to TM21, with the following contents:

TM1 5 pics
TM2 3 pics
TM3 5 pics
TM4 9 pics
TM5 8 pics
TM6 Oriental books
TM7 16 pics
TM8 Kido year books
TM9 16 pics
TM10 12 pics
TM11 more pics
TM12 Go Review
TM13 Japanese books
TM14 English Go books
TM15 Go World
TM16 Japanese books
TM17 English books
TM18 Go Review
TM19 Japanese books
TM20 Japanese books and fans
TM21 Miscellaneous