Future of the Foundation

Following the investment of £400,000 in MindSports Property Limited, Members of the Foundation put a motion to the Company's AGM in November 2020 proposing the winding-up of the Foundation and the disposal of the remaining asests (amounting to around £70,000) 50:50 to the BGA and the London Go Centre.

The motion was defeated, but the Board agreed to consult on the future of the Foundation. In February the Board issued a Consultation Document discussing the various options.

  • Consultation Document "Future of the Foundation" (see below)

This document considers a number of options for the future. It is intended to hold a Consultation Meeting (by Zoom) on Monday March 8 at 20:00 where members may discuss this document. This meeting will not make a definitive decision, but is intended to permit the Board to "take the temperature" of the Members to determine if there is a general consensus as to the future of the Foundation. Following this consultation, a legally constituted EGM will be held, at which the Board will make a formal proposal concerning the future of the Foundation, based on the results of the Consultation: this will be a "Special Resolution", which cannot be amended at the meeting and which will require a 75% majority. It will therefore be a simple Yes/No decision.

If you have any questions, alternative proposals or succinct observations, please email us at "board AT tmhallfoundation DOT org DOT uk". Unless you specify otherwise, your comment/question may be posted on this page to inform others. 

The Board will not reply to all observations or proposals made, just to questions of fact.


The <a href="https://gocentre.londongo.club/">London Go Centre </a>has produced two documents:

  • LGC Consultation Response
  • Draft Constitution of LGC

These documents are listed below.

Toby Manning has asked the followng question: "Please could the LGC Trustees explain why the proposed new constitution of the LGC nowhere refers to "London" (with the exception of the title of the Charity), the "London Go Centre", the "London MindSports Centre" the "T Mark Hall Library" or "T Mark Hall". If the TMHF makes a donation of assets to the LGC, then this means that none of T Mark's wishes will be preserved as any sort of legal requirement. As written, the proposed new constitution seems to generate an organisation to largely replicate the BGA. It should surely be an organisation to run and promote the LGC."

The LGC has responded to these questions with the following answers:

  • Response to Toby's question (amended 5 March)
  • Amended draft constitution 

Harry Fearley has made a statement, advocating  gifting all the remaining assets to the London Go Centre.

  • Harry Fearley Statement

Toby Manning has made a statement, arguing against gifting assets to the London Go Centre

  • Toby Manning Statement

Jon Diamond has made a statement, arguing that a small amount (£10k?) should go to the BGA/CBT, the remainder to the London Go Centre

  • Jon Diamond Statement

These documents are all given below


Here is an <a href="http://www.britgo.org/files/tmhf/tmhf-20210308.zip"> audio recording of the meeting</a>.

The notes of the meeting are given below (amended 14 March).


Update as at 25th May 2021

EGM on May 28th at 20:00

As advised in an earlier e-mail therre will be two motions, both special resolutions. No member's resolutions have been received. These are attached as files below. Also attached is the newsletter from MPL.

If Special Resolution 1 is passed then Special Resolution 2 will be withdrawn. If Special Resolution 1 is not passed then the Board hopes that Special Resolution 2 will be passed.

The ZOOM invite will be sent round to all members by e-mail up to two days before the meeting itself.

1/6/21 - Minutes are now available - see files below